Sunday, August 26, 2012

Green Chain Jumpsuit

It’s Sunday! What did you do the whole day? Rest, family day, shopping, I Love!
As usual, church day and quality time with my hubby. The weather is good and friendly, no rain and not too much sun, so I took the chance to take a pose outside.

I’m wearing the latest jumpsuit of IMF.I chose to get one of green and kept it for myself. Just a little story about it: Before we actually came up to its final style and look, I had options of what cloth to use for jumpsuit. I had plain, floral, abstract, and chain.
Hmmm...and the winner is....
C-H-A-I-N! Haha!
 Save the best for last, they say; very true! We decided to have it combination of black to highlight the color and make it more stylish.

What do You think?

They came in different colors, visit IMF for more:!/

 Charles and Keith Bag
IMF Accessories

Shoes: Syrup by People are People 


  1. absolutely love a stylish mom! adore your ensemble and your shoes:)

    btw, i think you might need to adjust your blog layout? the pictures seem jumbled on top of each other :(



    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Much! I'm quiet new in blogging and still learning.;) will try to fix it soon.;)