Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wide and acid wash

I always love wide blouses, aside from its helping me look thinner with the right choice of cut, it is also very comfy to wear. The one I’m wearing is knitted and styled in butterfly cut. I love how it matches my acid wash printed leggings, such a good choice to wear for an ordinary day with lots of errands to do.
How do you like it?

Top and Leggings from IMF

Monday, November 5, 2012


What comes in your mind when you hear the word simple? As for me, it’s something not complicated; something you don’t need to give much effort; something not luxurious in the eye.
I want to achieve a simple look in this outfit.  I chose not to add so much accessories,just a simple watch and earrings. I guess it’s just appropriate for Sunday especially that we’re scheduled to attend service in church. Of course a light make up and a pair of black pumps are just perfect!;)

 Dress from IMF

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bright Colors

I always love bright colors; I find them lively and happy plus that they’re a good choice to wear if you got a skin color like mine. When and where did I wear this? I actually can't remember- Oh this memory gap is seriously becoming a burden to me now, I swear! Can somebody tell me what's the best remedy for it? I will appreciate if you'll do.

Anyway, I hope this would somehow inspire you to wear bright colors more often.;)

IMF Skirt

Monday, October 29, 2012

Denim Maxi Skirt

I want to make a twist from my usual get up, so I thought of doing a little experiment. My denim maxi skirt is the one stunning here- I love how it gave me a funky look especially when I paired it with my sneakers. My cute top is also a good choice- I find it really sweet and girly which is just right for the light make up that I've put on.  It was a new style but definitely made my day!;) 

IMF Skirt
Converse Shoes

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prints and Dots

I admire bloggers who can pull off prints on prints. Sometimes it takes courage to combine the two together; the result can be either a “make it” or “break it”. I actually tried it a couple of times in a form of floral on floral and dots on dots. Now, I’m trying something new by putting prints and dots in one outfit.

This was Sunday when we attended service in church- then we went straight to the mall for a little shopping. I personally like the entire look because I find it something different but I started to feel a little bit awkward when some people gave me a meaningful stare. I don't know if they were thinking positive or negative about me but I don't mind though- I was thinking nalang maybe because I’m in the province where some people are still use to simple and basic and are still a little conservative when it comes to the new trend. I remember, I kept on asking my husband if my outfit looks ok lang ba then he will smile and tell me “ Of course it looks good” or “baka nahihiya lang sya sabihin na hindi ok”. Haha- whatever!;)

It felt uncomfortable at first but I opted not to focus on what will people say but rather walk with confidence as if  I'm like a super model (minus the height and the weight-haha!)

Top from IMF
Skirt from IMF 
Shoes from So Fab

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Forever Young

I want to look young and innocent, go back to my teenage days where I had fun memories. I found this balloon type dress when I’m having a closet raid; thought it’s perfect for my peg. Do I look younger now? Haha- I wish! It was first a little too fit on me so I put on a denim vest to cover up my excess. If you happen to be a plus size like me, blazers and cardigans can be a great help. Believe me, it's been a good friend to me recently. Haha!;)  
Before I forget, I’d like to commend myself for a good choice of color. I think yellow did a great job here, especially that I’m surrounded with green plants.
What do you think?

I’m thinking the entire set up could be good in a music video with the song Forever Young. What do you think?
 Okay let's sing...
Forever young, i want to be forever young 
Do you really want to live forever, forever forever 
Forever young, i want to be forever young 
Do you really want to live forever 
Forever young
Sa mga gustong bumata and nag fe-feeling bata, Kamapay! Lol.;)
IMF Denim Vest
IMF Dress

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glitters and Blazer

I was quiet panicking looking for an outfit to wear because I will be judging a pageant. I tried three outfits but they all didn’t fit me; my weight is really becoming a hindrance now- oh fatty me! argh!;(
 I was so running out of time and in the cramming mode already- 
thank God my leather inspired blazer saved me!;)

I put on a glittery inner blouse to give spark in my outfit since everything else is black. When I arrived at the venue, I found out that a friend of mine will also be judging plus we both are in a pair of glittery and blazer outfit. Haha, what a coincidence!;)
 Meet my beautiful friend Hazel.;)

IMF Blouse
IMF Blazer
IMF Skirt
Charles and Keith Shoes