Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glitters and Blazer

I was quiet panicking looking for an outfit to wear because I will be judging a pageant. I tried three outfits but they all didn’t fit me; my weight is really becoming a hindrance now- oh fatty me! argh!;(
 I was so running out of time and in the cramming mode already- 
thank God my leather inspired blazer saved me!;)

I put on a glittery inner blouse to give spark in my outfit since everything else is black. When I arrived at the venue, I found out that a friend of mine will also be judging plus we both are in a pair of glittery and blazer outfit. Haha, what a coincidence!;)
 Meet my beautiful friend Hazel.;)

IMF Blouse
IMF Blazer
IMF Skirt
Charles and Keith Shoes

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