Monday, August 20, 2012


Being a wife, mom and entrepreneur at the same time is always a big challenge. I have to make sure that my time is equally divided so I will remain productive in such a way that I wouldn’t have to give up time for my family. It’s always been my rule that next to my Creator, my Family should be the one who comes first in line, then the rest will follow. I’m just very blessed that everything really falls into place; right season, right timing.

Enough for the long intro! Now, let’s go straight to Fashion.

Get up for today: wide stipes blouse paired with short denim skirt.
I'll be heading to downtown to get some supplies. Oh wait! Did I just say downtown? This is the most crowded place in the city; I guess, I gotta be needing loads of girl Power!;)

I like the touch of pink on my blouse, it gives it a feminine touch and add more life to it.

Calling all ladies, who doesn’t love Bags? Oh come on!
 Here’s my bag, what do you think?
Isn’t it nice?
skirt from IMF

Bangles from IMF Accessories

Ylla shoes
 I’m always vocal that I’m a fan! It’s really nice, I feel like I’m just wearing my slippers. Love it much!;)

Today, simplicity is my peg!;)

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