Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chain The Day with Chains

It’s Sunday, church day and dinner date with our couple friends. I Chose to wear our newest chain printed dress , then put on my Denim Blazer to hide my major weakness, my arms.Haha! I really feel awkward wearing sleeveless because of my built. Thank goodness! Cardigans and blazers were invented ahead; now we have a remedy.;)
I love the color and the print of chains on my dress, I feel like wanting more clothes with same print. I guess I have to admit, my heart goes with it already; I am now chained with Chains! Haha;)
                                              Dress from IMF

Take a look at my favorite denim Blazer, I wore it too many times already but I’m still not tired of it. I guess I’m going to wear it again, I just don’t know when but will sure do.;)
                                          Blazer from IMF

Clutch bags are nice paired with dress; it has a really profound feminine effect!
Clutch Bag from SM
Bangles from IMF Accessories

My other addiction, Shoes!
Bebe Shoes

Meet my Beautiful friends! (L-R, Kristine,Onie and me) I forgot to take photo of our hubbies, maybe next time.It’s nice to have really good friends, what else can I ask for?;)

                                                       Hope you guys had fun watching my photos.
                                                                              God Bless everyone!;)

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