Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lady in RED

Holla Fashionista! Today, I’m your lady in red, what do you think? Mullet dress;what comes in your mind whenever you hear the word? You are not a certified fashionista if you don’t have one in your closet.;)

At first I’m a bit hesitant to wear it because the color is red; I have fear that I might not pull it off since the color may seem to be very catchy for my complexion, I hope I made it though.;)
 I personally styled it, too bad I forgot to show the detail on its back view; it has a little hole on top for a much sexier effect. It is actually not yet displayed in our store since the other colors are still on the process of production. This also means that for the meantime, you will not see it in our FB and MULTIPLY but don’t worry, we’ll surely post it within the week; with different colors by that time. Oh golly! I’m super excited already!Haha

Dress from IMF:
IMF Accessories

Shoes: Syrup by People are People

I hope you like it; this is your lady in red, signing off.;)

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  1. nice red dress..^^ appreciate if we the follow each other on GFC..^^