Thursday, August 16, 2012

My First Blog

It's my first try to blog. I’m not a tech person so I find it really hard fixing my page. I Got tested on this, but no giving up! Try lang daw ng try sabi nga nila.;)

Presenting my mullet skirt, 
I Love the flowing effect it gives me, I feel like a peacock! haha;) It has an amazing prints of flowers, perfect paired with my blue plain top.
People are People shoes

My second photo is all about stripes. Top is one of IMFashionatic’s newest collections; left part of it is made of black in sheer material and stripes all over the right side. One big thing that I truly appreciate when we started our production line is I get the chance to mix colors plus the fact that I’ll have one of each design that I like. Hehe. Notice my shoes? It’s my favorite flats Ylla Shoes! Very comfy and really unique. I got few of their collections but I surely wanna  have them all.
Haha! Katakawan nga nman sa sapatos!;)

Jumpsuit, don’t you love it? I’m a super fan of all jumpsuits! I don’t know but the effect is so lovely, it makes me look taller and thinner since I'm a big built woman.
Denim Blazer at

Till my next blog, hope I didn't mess up with my first.;) Have a great day!;)

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