Friday, August 24, 2012

Shorts for today

Shorts for today, Oh what a wonderful feeling it is! I went out for a dinner with my husband; don’t have time to look for clothes, so I get this denim shorts and paired it with my  floral sleeveless top.When it's finished, I had a good result, I got the right choice of get up for a venue that is so crowded. We had fun eating; we actually had too much, great food indeed! No wonder, they’re always fully booked.

Now here’s my look, what do you think?

I'm in the parking, credits to my loving husband who took this shot.

Top and shorts from IMF. I love the added effect of my clogs, they make me look taller. Ssshhhhhh, I’m not that tall as you think...but can we make it a secret? Sshhhh….Haha!

People are People shoes

I wish everyone a good night! It's almost midnight, don't forget to get back tomorrow for a new post.:)

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