Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mother of all Plants

What do we have for today? I’ve been loving nature lately; I went out to see the garden and realize how blessed we are to have beautiful plants around. Just as we wear accessories to complete our fashion style, plants also serve as accessories to our beloved mother earth. They make everything lively, plus the fact that they are our ultimate source of air.
I’m  grateful to have really nice plants in the garden. Isn’t it perfect for my outfit? I’m in love with the stripes mullet skirt; the colors are really lovely that I feel like “The Mother of All Plants” Haha!

Top is from IMF old collection
Skirt is one of IMF newest collection. They come in different colors and limited stocks only, so if you like it, get yours now!;)

Aren't they lovely? Buy at

Oh shoes! Visit any branch of People are People, they have loads of beautiful and affordable shoes!

Enough for today, see you next time!;)

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