Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday Request Granted

Photos were taken during my husband's birthday. He told me ahead that he doesn’t want any surprise or party. Birthday request granted!;)
 No visitors, no “super dressing up”. Argh! Haha.  
The entire day was filled with quality time together…
 I mean the three of us (hubby and me with Gracie-our daughter).

When the day ended, we had dinner at the hotel nearby. A little sad because they changed their schedule of Japanese buffet, but its okay though, the food doesn’t matter. What counts more is the thought that we’re enjoying every moment of his special day.

Anyway, here are some of our photos;););)
With us are my IN- Laws
 My Little Gracie. Siya ay likas na wonder she's my daughter! Haha!;)

I Had this Gold Havainas I'm wearing 2 years now...
Oh I still love them! Para lang nasa bahay! Haha;)
Blouse and shorts from IMF (


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