Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Black and white goes well together;do you agree?
 I’m a risk taker eversince, I enjoy doing unusual things; it gives me more challenge and increase my desire to be more productive in every single thing that I do. Today, I’m taking another risk and I hope I won’t mess up on this! Haha. 

As you can see, I’m wearing a black and white stripes maxi dress. It’s a bit risky for my figure because it’s vertical plus the prints are thicker but when I see the result, I’m happy that it turned out good. If you’re a plus size like me, don’t be afraid to wear stripes, sometimes it can look good on you just as long as you know how to choose the exact cut appropriate for your built. To those who are blessed in figure, use it as your advantage…
wear stripes as many as you can!;) 

                    Of course another piece from IMF! Haha. Love your own product daw!
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I'll get back soon!;) Love,love,love!;)

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