Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Colors for today are neons. 
They’re as sweet as candies, giving me joy and happy thoughts.

Of course I’m happy today! I took a break for a while, went out to meet up with my girlfriends. We had our get together, sort of chit chat for spiritual growth. I got refreshed somehow; had a little break from the unending pressure of work.

 I’m wearing the latest shorts and wide blouse from IMF Production line. I love how the colors play with eachother plus that there’s a little harmony effect when the blazer is worn. What do you think?;)

At times like this, it pays to have really good friends like the ones I have. Haha! Special thanks to my kumareng Onie for being so patient taking shots of my kaartehan!;) 

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I’m recently having much pain in my right foot and I can’t stay longer wearing pumps and heels. Thanks that I have flats like Ylla!;);)

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