Friday, September 7, 2012


Glitters, do you like them? If you notice, I’m so glittery today.I was feeling a little bit dizzy this afternoon so I thought of wearing glitters to somehow put a little spark in my mood. True, I got energized!
Since my outfit is so unusual for an ordinary day, let me share to you a little story of my fashion life…
I’m always a victim of gossipers, wherever I got there’s always a group of people who will not like me. I always get criticized because of the way I dress. Some say, I always appear to be a little bit overdressed. Perhaps they’re just not used to seeing 5 inches heels…now tell me, is it over? Haha! I don’t mind though, because my girlfriends are so like me; so that just means we’re a group of overdressed living our lives to the fullest! I Love! Haha. 
Truth is you cannot please everybody. As for me, as long as my friends still dress up and my husband still loves it, I don’t see any reason to stop. So girls, let’s all dress up and be Fab!

Blouse and skirt from IMF

Now are you Feeling Fab? Oh yes you are!;) 
'Til my next post, Have a Beautiful evening!;)

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