Monday, September 10, 2012


Join me guys, as I do my 3 days fast. Have you tried doing it? I tell you, it’s a great thing you can do to please God. I’ve been too busy with my errands lately and I got loads in my head that I wanted to do for the business. I don’t own a really big company but I aim to make the one I have bigger in the future. By the Grace of God I declare it! Ajah! Haha.
  I actually do not know how and when my being a business person started. I guess it’s when I’m still in grade school selling candies in the classroom, or maybe when I do “sales talk” with friends and they start buying my RTW’s (haha… but mind you, I don’t make loko and  I only sell good stuffs!). Whichever, it doesn't matter anymore. I’m just glad that now I’m into it full time. Oh speaking of full time, do you know that I also have other part time businesses? Haha! I will post it sometime here

Furthermore, business doesn’t come so easy. You will experience bad days and crisis sometimes, but as they say; the show must go on, so go!  That is also one of the reasons why I’m having my fast today; to ask protection from God in all areas of my personal and business life.

By the way guys, just for the record I’m a rice lover, so imagine how am I going to face the days without it…oh my golly! Haha. That’s when the grace of God comes in.;)

Anyway, here’s another outfit from IMF. Hope you like it!;)


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