Wednesday, September 26, 2012

STARFIELD in the Philippines

Have you heard of Starfield? They are Canadian Christian band very known in their unique style of music. They visited Philippines and when I heard that they’re coming to Iloilo as part of their worship tour, I can't help but feel really excited to worship with the band. When the final day came, Yeeepeey! wooohooo! If some go crazy over Gaga and Perry, I'll go crazy over my God!;)

I had with me my hubby and some friends during the concert.
It was a mind-blowing experience and we truly have an amazing encounter with God. The crowd was singing, crying, and with all hands lifted.At that moment, everyone's focused is in the Holy Spirit that's truly been present in the place. It felt like there were angels singing with us and the joy in my heart was  extreme and unexplainable. I’m truly blessed to have this deep hunger and longing to experience more of God in my life; to wake up every morning and realize that Life is Beautiful!;)

 A month before they came, we already reserved our tickets and we're very happy to be seated in the front row.Good thing, it gave us favor to take more photos in a closer view- I'm not a pro though, so EHEM,EHEM...Excuse me! Haha.

The Hubby and Me
 With our spiritual Family
 I Love this dress! Super!;) 

Dress from IMF

Had a great time with this experience and I'm so looking forward to STARFIELD'S next visit!;)


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