Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prints and Dots

I admire bloggers who can pull off prints on prints. Sometimes it takes courage to combine the two together; the result can be either a “make it” or “break it”. I actually tried it a couple of times in a form of floral on floral and dots on dots. Now, I’m trying something new by putting prints and dots in one outfit.

This was Sunday when we attended service in church- then we went straight to the mall for a little shopping. I personally like the entire look because I find it something different but I started to feel a little bit awkward when some people gave me a meaningful stare. I don't know if they were thinking positive or negative about me but I don't mind though- I was thinking nalang maybe because I’m in the province where some people are still use to simple and basic and are still a little conservative when it comes to the new trend. I remember, I kept on asking my husband if my outfit looks ok lang ba then he will smile and tell me “ Of course it looks good” or “baka nahihiya lang sya sabihin na hindi ok”. Haha- whatever!;)

It felt uncomfortable at first but I opted not to focus on what will people say but rather walk with confidence as if  I'm like a super model (minus the height and the weight-haha!)

Top from IMF
Skirt from IMF 
Shoes from So Fab


  1. I think you pulled off the print on print look pretty well. I am super crushing on your mint polka dot skirt. It's a pastel color which I really am fond on. Great outfit by the way! :)
    -xoxo, FRANCES

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