Saturday, August 18, 2012


Photos were taken last night. I’ve been working the whole day ‘till I remember…Oh its 7 o’clock and I almost forget to take photos of my outfit. Thanks to my ever supportive husband; always to the rescue, willing to take the shot for the sake of my “KAARTEHAN”. Haha!

What you see is my stripes loose chiffon blouse, paired with my green pleated shorts. I love how my top is giving me comfort, it’s a bit wide but the print and the lace collar have made it really stylish. Many plus size women are afraid to wear stripes thinking that they might appear bigger, but look...I’m a plus size and I made it.;) I’m crazy tired of wearing dark and plain believing it would help hiding my size.

 I want to try something new, and I realized prints can be amazingly great! What important is, you exactly know your built and choose the exact cut of clothes appropriate for your body. I’m not saying that plains are not good; of course I would still wear them, but it’s not bad to try something new sometimes.

Let’s be creative! Fashion can be your way of expressing yourself; make it or break it!;)

Top from IMF
Shorts from IMF

Bracelet from IMF Accessories 
I'm a plus size and I Love it!;)

So Fab shoes
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