Monday, September 3, 2012

Green Peplum

For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.(Ephesians 2:10)I was inspired by this verse; we're truly the best thing that GOD  has made.;)

Human as I am, I admit that there are times when I feel insecure with my look and my figure especially right now when skinny women are the ones who appear to be flattering. Ouch! Haha.

I was once like that but now, no; not anymore. I realize that my figure doesn’t define who I am, just as my person is not measured by my weight. I have all the reason to be confident because I am wonderfully made by God. Same as to you guys, there is so much reason to rejoice and be happy. Isn’t it amazing how our eyes, nose, and lips were aligned and put together? How our hands move and our feet walk? Such a genius mind! That’s the reason why I gave blogging a try. I want to give encouragement to women who are plus size like me. I want them to dress up and realize that everyone is perfectly made by God; that they are princess in HIS eyes. I want them to walk and win the world!;)

I hope that in the fashion world, there’s going to be no such things as, “Thin or Fat”, “Baduy or Ugly”. Fashion is not just for pretty faces or for the skinny ones. As for me, it can be a form of expression on the way you showcase your style, or can simply be an illustration of your mood. We may have different opinions but I’m sure that all the Fashionista out there will agree in one thought; that Fashion is fun and interesting. Indeed!

Today, I’m showing you what I wore yesterday in church. It’s the latest peplum from IMF! I personally designed it, what do you think?

Pepplum from IMF

Till my next post guys,hugs to everyone!;)



  1. I so love that dress! :)) It looks awesome :))

    Kai Grafia

  2. hi miss cathes! i love your peplums! do you do MTO peplum tops and dresses? :)
    i could not sen you an inquiry at your IMF shop. please email me at :) thank you!!