Saturday, September 1, 2012

Polka Dots Lady

 Hello Madlang People! I was absent yesterday, been very busy with the inventory of our newly arrived stocks. Gosh! The items are really nice that I just want to keep them all for myself. Haha
Today, I’m your polka dots lady. I don’t know but I got this intense addiction with polka dots lately. They are really cute and they’re driving me crazy!

As you can see, I’m not the skinny type of a person; I sometimes have struggle in finding the right cut of dress for my built. At first, I’m in doubt if the style would fit me but my heart over polka is just so strong and unstoppable! Haha.
Dress from IMf

Back View

IMF Accessories
I hope you like it, more of polka dots on my next post. Kisses!


  1. I loooove how you mixed & matched this dotted dress with red shoes! Following you!

    - Lauree Alexa (Facebook)

  2. I super like this Cathes. may amo ka pa ni sa shop?

    1. Mind telling me your identity? hehehe.;) I think may ara pa in other colors dear.;) Please do visit IMF Robinsons for more items like this.;)