Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Are you a plus size like me? Would you agree if I say that wide dresses are perfect for our body type?
Maybe some of you are afraid of wearing big clothes thinking that they would appear bigger if they wear it. There’s actually one thing they do not know about it; that wide clothes can also be a great help to look a little bit thinner than our actual size. First, it can hide all the excess of our body (fats, baby fats, whatever you may call it! Haha); secondly, your face will look a little smaller because the size itself will overpower it.
I don’t know if my ideas would agree with you but I’m saying this base on my experience; to give a little inspiration for plus size women to be encouraged wearing big clothes sometimes. To the skinny girls out there, you’re blessed to have that figure, so why not try an oversize blouse and make a fabulous style out of it!
Anyway, it was windy this day plus the clouds are too dark which clearly speak for the upcoming rain. My hubby and I, need to hurry and take this shot the fastest we could. Forgive me for the awkward pose, it’s justifiable ‘cause it’s a rush photo! Haha.

Dress from IMF (

Oh By the way before I forget, I’m finally done with my three days fast! Yeepeeey! Thank you for joining me in my three days of no rice intake. The grace of the Lord is sufficient! Indeed!

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